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The King County Council has honored the outstanding  legacy of Kathryn Taylor by naming the equestrian park at Trilogy near Redmond as the Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park. The vision of this site as an equestrian park was first proposed by Kathryn  in 1987, and with dedication and persistence, she  worked with King Co. government to finalize the concept and ensure that vision was realized. Kathryn passed away in 2002.  KCEHC, in partnership with NW Parks Foundation  made her dream a reality,  planning and managing the construction of the horse amenities. These include a 100 x 200 ft arena with sand footing, a 60 ft. round pen, parking for trailers and access to the Tolt River Pipeline trail.

On April 5, 2008 the Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park opened its gates to the public with a ribbon cutting ceremony that included local dignitaries, refreshments and equestrian entertainment.  View Opening Day article

In a time when equestrian facilities are disappearing and urban development is spreading, we have a real cause for celebration and a fitting tribute to our friend and inspiration, Kathryn Taylor. Read her biography.

Currently, the NW Parks Foundation is in the process of dissolving and funds for the upkeep of Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park are being relocated to another foundation. Until that time, King County Executive Horse Council will accept donations designated for the park's upkeep and reserve those to add to the new foundation once it is in place.

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Directions: From I-405:
?Take WA 520 Eastbound toward Redmond
?Stay in left lane. Freeway ends and turns into Avondale Rd. NE.
?From Avondale Rd. NE., turn right onto NE 132nd St.
?Turn right onto NE 133rd St. or (Seidel Rd.).
?Turn left onto 232nd Ave. NE
?232nd Ave NE crosses over the Tolt Pipeline Trail. The 27 acre Kathryn Taylor Equestrian Park is located on the left just past the Tolt Pipeline Trail. Turn left into the park and slightly right to park in gravel parking area. To exit the park, drive forward to the north and depart onto NE 142nd PL.

Alternative route from the south:
Take I-405 north then WA-520 east to Avondale Rd. NE, drive 0.7 miles.
Turn slight right onto Novelty Hill Rd. drive 3.5 miles, turn left onto Trilogy Pkwy NE.
Drive 1.2 miles going through the ?round about? and continue to 232nd Ave. NE (about 50 ft. past a horse trail crossing sign) then turn right.
Drive 0.4 mile on 232nd Ave. NE across Tolt Pipeline Trail, the KTEP is west of 232nd Ave.NE on the left.



?Hours of Operation: Daylight hours only. Gates are locked each evening.
?Parking: Parking is drive through. Enter on 232nd and exit on NE 142nd Pl.
?Remove all manure and trash - please leave it as you found it. Trash and manure pickup is a volunteer effort so please take it with you.
?Use is first come, first serve.
?Facility cannot be reserved. Facility should be shared with all equestrians. If you need to be sure you have a facility for an event, you should not plan on using this facility. This park is intended for unscheduled, open use.
?Horses must be attended at all times.
?No activities endangering the welfare of horses or humans.
?Do not tie horses to fencing.
?Dogs must be on leash at all times. No dogs in arena/round pen.
?No bicycles or motorized vehicles allowed on trails or in arena/round pen

?Do not lunge horses in the arena.
?Do not tie horses to arena fencing.
?No dogs, bicycles or motor vehicles in the arena

?Left shoulder to Left Shoulder: Riders should try to ride in the same direction. If this isn't possible then the left shoulder to left shoulder rule should apply. (Some European countries ride right shoulder to right shoulder.)
?Slow on the Inside, Fast on the Outside: Slower riders should ride on the inside track including those doing schooling such as lateral work etc? Riders working at a faster pace such as a lope or canter should stay on the outside track.
?Announce Your Intentions: Tell the other riders what you plan to do: "passing on your left", "leaving arena", "entering arena".
?Mount Out of the Way: Mount and dismount in the center--not on the track.
?Work Together: Users should be doing similar things if at all possible. And even though the rule is left shoulder to left shoulder understand it isn't always possible. Be generous with right-of-way
?Cue Quietly: Voice commands, kissing, smooching to cue your horse should be done quietly and away from other horses. Accidentally cueing another person's horse as you ride along side them could cause problems.
?Keep A Horse Length Between: Don't crowd other riders and keep at least a horse length between you and the horse in front of you. This keeps you at a safe distance from being kicked. Also when there are riders working on both the inside and outside track, leave enough passing room that one horse isn't able to bite or kick at the horse on the other track.
?All Horses Under Control: There should be no loose horses in the arena while others are riding.
?Be Aware: Be respectful if another is having problems with a horse, is riding a young horse, or is a beginner or timid rider.
?Give Right of Way: Be generous giving right of way even it if it is not technically the correct right of way.
?Don't Ride Alone: Ride with a buddy.
?Always Ride Safe: Wear a helmet and proper boots and ride in control.
?Don't Get in the Way: Spectators should stand outside the arena, not along side the track.
?In an Emergency Get Off: If a rider falls off and a horse gets loose, all riders should dismount.

?The Round Pen is a Classroom NOT a Gymnasium:
?Use for training ? not turn out or exercise
?If others are waiting, limit time to 30 min.
?Leave No Trace: Remove manure and fill in holes and rake footing in from rails. (Difficult for ride-in users,  we know)
?No dogs, bicycles or motor vehicles in the round pen.

Thank You to all of you who wrote letters to the King County Council, to the efforts of the Northwest Parks Foundation and to Council Members Lambert, Hague, Phillips, Gossett and Constantine

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